Fully Stablised Zirconia Furnace Products

We now offer a wide range of furnace products, marketed under our Haldenwanger(R) brand, made from our specialist calcia stabilised zirconia (CaO-ZrO2).

Our product range includes sheath tubes for temperature monitoring and a range of crucibles which are an excellent choice for chemical processing applications, due to their resistance to chemical attack. Calcia stabilised zirconia is selected for these products due to its high proven performance in refractory applications. Products made from this material offer feature a range of benefits including:

  • Prolonged life time
  • Better refractoriness compared to our Alsint(R) 99.7
  • High chemical resistance

We work closely with our customers to produce kiln furniture made from our unique materials formulations which have smaller dimensional tolerances and a longer lifetime compared to similar products.

For more information on this product range, or to see how we can help you with furnace project, contact us today.

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