Precision Balls and Bearings

MACOR has the technology to produce extremely accurate and large precision balls in solid ceramic. Additionally, using our advanced manufacturing techniques features such as extended stems and complex geometries are also possible upon request.

We use our tough, high strength range of ceramic materials, including Nilcra(R) Zirconia and Nilcra(R) SSN (Si3N4) to make high performance balls for corrosive and abrasive environments in demanding severe service conditions.

When required, a sphericity, <1μm can be achieved on a 120mm diameter sphere. Surface finishes down to Ra 0.02 are also possible.

Whether it’s a check valve, unidirectional bearing, ball hinge, bearing pad or a precision instrument, ceramics can make a huge difference to performance and longevity.


  1. Size: Up to 200mm diameter, fully dense.
  2. Ceramic Material: Nilcra(R) Zirconia and Nilcra(R) SSN.
  3. Accuracy: Sphericity <1μm.
  4. Surface finish: Ra <0.02.

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Bearing Industry

In comparison to other ceramics Nilcra(R) SSN has high strength, toughness, and resistance to chemical and thermal extremes offering significant benefits in applications such as all-ceramic or hybrid steel-ceramic rolling contact bearings by extending life by reducing the dynamic loading, fatigue and wear.

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