Semiconductor Applications

Within the semiconductor industry Silicon Nitride/SSN ceramic components are indispensable due to their excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Their high toughness and excellent thermal conductivity being critical for applications in extreme conditions.

For over 60 years, the MACOR Technical Ceramics business has been the premium supplier of custom ceramic components for chemical, electrical, mechanical, and vacuum applications.

We serve Semiconductor Industry customers around the world. Parts are manufactured from our selected Silicon Nitride/SSN grades and manufactured to customer defined designs & specifications.

Semi Con Applications:

  • Wafer Manufacturing; Pad Dresser
  • Device Manufacturing Route; Plasma Proof Ring
  • Structural components for LCD & Lithography equipment
  • Custom made parts for Furnace and Chamber assemblies

Materials, Capabilities and Services:

  • Controlled microstructures
  • Very high purity, consistency, and uniformity
  • Low particle generation materials
  • High tolerance ceramic machining
  • Complete documentation and traceability
  • CAD/EDI and engineering design support

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