High Voltage Ceramic Insulators

We offer a wide range of precision-made high voltage ceramic insulators for use in analytical applications as well as lasers, power tubes, and high voltage bushings in various configurations.

The range includes vacuum compatible designs and products that are capable of insulating from extremely high voltages, corrosive atmosphere’s, and extreme thermal shocking for very demanding applications.

Our high voltage ceramic insulators are made from 95% alumina, an advanced ceramic material that offers excellent electrical properties. It is also suitable for precision machining, brazing and metallisation.

As a global leader in applications engineering, we are able to provide reliable and resilient product solutions to some of the most challenging power generation requirements. From day one, we work closely alongside customers to find the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities ensure that we have complete autonomy over the manufacturing process – from product design all the way through to final testing.

To find out more about our advanced ceramic high voltage insulators, contact us today.