Copper and Brass Extrusion Dies

We use our advanced ceramic materials to make high performance hot extrusion dies for use in copper and brass forming. Dies are available as inserts only or ready-inserted into steel housings. We also offer sintered blanks.

NIlcra Zirconia Extrusion Dies

Our dies are made using Nilcra(R) Zirconia, a tough monolithic ceramic material that maintains strength and hardness even at high temperatures, so it is highly resistant to wear, deformation, galling and corrosion. It has a low coefficient of friction and even abrasive materials have minimal effect on its surface.

Thanks to these material characteristics, the use of Nilcra(R) Zirconia dies can eliminate or significantly reduce problems of poor dimensional control, inferior surface finish and high scrap rates that are common in metal forming with dies made from conventional materials such as stellite. Manufacturers benefit from reduced down time, better process efficiency and higher yields. Investment in tooling inventories can be correspondingly scaled down too.

Contact us today to discuss your metal forming requirements for copper extrusion dies or brass extrusion dies and other ceramic tooling. Or, for more information on our grades of zirconia, see our dedicated zirconia materials page.

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