Extruded Ceramic Products

We use our advanced ceramic materials to make extruded ceramic rods and extruded ceramic tubes, primarily for use in temperature measurement equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry and other industrial heating applications. They are also used in some specialist Aerospace applications.

Our extruded ceramic rods and tubes are made from grades of magnesium oxide, alumina, silica and hafnia, all of which have good insulating properties and thermal conductivity. They are also resistant to corrosion.

We make standard tubes and blocks in sizes from 0.5mm to 45mm Outside Diameter (OD) and can also extrude more complex shapes and geometries in a variety of lengths. We have the materials capability to control density, strength and particle size distribution to meet specific specifications. This allows us to adapt the properties of the materials to best match customer requirements.

Micro Extruded Ceramic Rods and Ceramic Tubes

Using our state-of-the-art vertical hydraulic piston extruder, rods and tubes can be made in a variety of sizes and tolerances to meet customer requirements. The outer dimensions of the extruded rod range from .025-inch to .400-inch and can be a solid rod, single-hole or multi-hole geometry. Lengths can be significantly longer than those obtained through a pressing process.

Made from 96% - 99.8% Alumina, these rods and tubes provide excellent insulating properties for use in extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.

Our state of the art vertical hydraulic piston extruder means that our rods and tubes can be made in a variety of sizes and tolerances depending on our customers’ requirements. Our engineers work closely with customers to develop the right product for their application.

These rods and tubes find applications in a wide range of markets including:

  • Aerospace – we provide small notched rods used in the production of ceramic cores. For more information on ceramic cores, please visit our core section via the related links to the right
  • Medical – our custom tubing is used for instrument and measuring apparatus
  • Electrical – our range of resistor tubes, capacitor sleeves, insulating tubes, bushings and thermocouple tubes are widely utilised within this market

Our team of materials experts and applications engineers are dedicated to working collaboratively with you to find appropriate solutions to difficult problems. It is this approach that has enable us to forge a solid reputation as a leading supplier of high-volume, dry pressed intricate ceramic and glass components.