Medical Feedthroughs

For over 20 years, the Technical Ceramics business of MACOR® Machining China has produced a wide array of implantable ceramic feedthroughs. Designed to provide superior reliability and durability, our medical implants feature innovative ceramic-to-metal seal assembly technology. Utilising its application engineering expertise, we custom manufacture these ceramic feedthroughs to meet the specific needs of the medical implant market.

Designed with flexibility in mind for custom medical applications, our implantable feedthroughs are constructed from a variety of biocompatible metal components, superior high purity alumina (AL203) insulators and pure gold braze. We also offer synthetic rubies and sapphires as insulators for our custom engineered medical implants.

We specialize in placing multiple leads in a single ceramic to minimise the feedthrough footprint in the device. This ceramic-to-metal design allows for cost competitive manufacturing through a repeatable validated manufacturing process. Our vertically integrated facility gives us complete control over the entire feedthrough manufacturing process, from ceramic powder through final testing. For increased customer satisfaction, all of our medical implants implantable feedthroughs are 100% traceable for both process and components and are produced in our ISO 13485 certified facility.

For increased reliability, our medical implantable feedthroughs feature robust designs that minimise the risk of device failure. The superior electrical properties of the ceramic allow for smaller feedthroughs. These innovations within the family of medical implants allow for the increased reliability of implantable devices and contribute to the application-specific benefits of ceramic-to-metal assemblies.

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