HF Tube Welding Rolls

Nilcra(R) SSN E is an advanced Engineering grade of sintered silicon nitride (Si3N4) designed for applications demanding high strength, toughness and wear resistance. We use this material to make high performance welding rolls and guides for High Frequency - Electric Resistance Welding (HF-ERW) in continuous steel tube & aluminium tube production.

HF Tube Welding Rolls

Our welding rolls and guides are made using Nilcra(R) SSN E, a tough monolithic ceramic material that maintains strength and hardness even at high temperatures, making it highly resistant to wear, deformation, galling and corrosion. SSN E has a low coefficient of friction and even abrasive materials have minimal effect on its surface. Nilcra(R) SSN E is ideal for use in ERW applications because it is non-conductive and is unaffected by the HF electric field that operates in close proximity to the rolls.

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Use of Nilcra(R) SSN E rolls and guides improves the surface finish of the tube and reduces scrap rates. Manufacturers benefit from reduced down time, better process efficiency and higher yields. Investment in tooling inventories can be correspondingly scaled down too. Unlike steel rolls, Nilcra(R) SSN E rolls do not draw power from the ERW equipment, so they stay cooler, which enhances the bearing life and reduces energy consumption.

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