Zirconia Ceramic Cutting Blades

MACOR Advanced Material’s fine grain grade of Nilcra(R) Zirconia 3Y-TZP is frequently used in high performance ceramic pelletizing blade applications requiring blades to maintain a sharp edge. With our clients facing increasing demands for resilient and wear resistant materials Nilcra(R) Zirconia is an ideal solution.

With material properties of high hardness and ultra-fine grain structure combined with steel like strength Nilcra(R) Zirconia is an ideal choice. Customers find that MACOR offers a more robust material with greater durability enabling traditional materials to be re-engineered and replaced with Nilcra(R), thus reducing downtime by hundreds of hours.

MACOR offers a range of both PSZ and Y-TZP custom made zirconia cutting blades that provide excellent wear, erosion & corrosion resistant characteristics enabling them to survive the most arduous environments.

Our Nilcra(R) Zirconia range provides:

  • High mechanical strength and fracture toughness.
  • Less down time and wear compared to conventional materials.
  • Low coefficient of friction making Zirconia ceramic particularly effective in slitting materials, such as, plastic & foil.
  • Corrosion and abrasion wear resistance.
  • Non-metallic & non-magnetic.