Power Generation and Distribution

The Technical Ceramics business of MACOR® Machining China provides precision-engineered materials, components and assemblies to meet the demanding, changing needs and harsh environment requirements of the power generation and transmission sectors.

Energy generation, management and distribution is one of the fastest evolving industries of modern times. We are increasingly being called on to develop components and sub-assemblies for new products across the power sector. Our world-class precision engineering capability is helping designers and manufacturers meet new standards for efficient delivery of cleaner, greener power all over the world.

Our advanced ceramic materials offer superior physical, thermal and electrical properties. Our broad range of dielectric materials includes high quality capacitance solutions for high voltage systems.

Our high quality manufacturing is certified to ISO 9001. We have the capability to produce a very wide range of standard and tailored components including metallised parts and ceramic/metal sub-assemblies in high volume, at competitive prices.

Typical materials used:

  • Alumina
  • Braze alloys
  • Glass preforms (seals)
  • MACOR(R) (machinable glass ceramic)
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Zirconia

Typical applications:

  • Vacuum switch tubes
  • Semiconductor switch housings
  • Stand-off insulators
  • Cable insulators
  • Fuses
  • High pressure cable interconnects
  • Radiation detector components
  • Insulating ceramics for poly-crystalline silicon growth
  • Ceramic rollers for solar panel flat glass substrate production
  • Cooling passages for gas turbines (turbine blades & vanes ceramic cores)
  • Fuel cell components
  • Vacuum interrupters
  • Power distribution
  • Power supply (insulators)
  • Power transmission lines
  • Power transmission
  • Oil well submersible pumps

We work closely with our customers to design products to specific requirements.

To see how we can assist you with your power project, contact us today.

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