Ceramic Vehicle Armour

The Technical Ceramics business of MACOR® Machining China manufactures a wide range of vehicle armour designed to provide a high level of protection with minimum weight. Vehicle armour is available for use with threat levels specified by the customer.

Modern combat vehicles require effective lightweight protection like that provided by our high purity alumina ceramic armour. Its minimal weight allows good vehicle mobility for hard-faced armour vehicles without compromising on the level of protection it affords.

Sintox FA and Sintox CL tiles are available in a range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses to meet a particular threat level and can be supplied either separately or in an array to suit individual customer requirements and specifications.

Armour applications include:

  • Protective panels for fighting vehicles and turrets
  • Protective panels for armoured personal vehicles
  • Protective panels for warships
  • Protective panels for helicopters
  • High security garage and warehouse doors
  • Shields for security cameras and communication equipment (Ballistic performance depends on backing system employed).

With our specialist engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities we can make customised panels and arrays. If required, we can deliver these direct to the integrators of your ballistic system. To see how we can partner with you on your armour project, contact us today.