Sillimantin(R) and Halsic(R) Rollers

The MACOR® Machining China Haldenwanger(R) range of rollers are manufactured from a range of over ten oxidic and carbidic materials for temperatures of up to 2000°C enabling us to offer the best possible roller for every application.

From standard to top-end materials for standard applications such as the firing of floor tiles, crockery, sanitary ceramics, roof tiles, etc. to synthetic top materials, patented by us, for the tempering of metal and other extreme applications with high loads, severe corrosion or high stresses caused by thermal shock.

We work closely with you to find the right raw material according to your specifications:

  • Sillimantin(R) 60
  • Sillimantin(R) 65
  • Sillimantin(R) 90
  • Sillimantin(R) 100
  • Fused Silica
  • Halsic(R)-I
  • Halsic(R)-R
  • Halsic(R)-RX
  • Halsic(R)-N

For further information on the right material for your rollers contact us today.

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