Silicon Carbide Kiln Furniture

We manufacture a wide range of kiln furniture manufactured from our specialist range of silicon carbide materials (HalSiC(R)).

The range of products we provide are:

  • Support beams
  • Profiled supports
  • Rollers and tubes
  • Batts and plate setters
  • Custom kiln components

Support Beams and Supports

These hollow profile supports are available in a range of cross sections and up to 350cm (138inches) in length. They are mainly used as:

  • Single supports with the ability to carry high loads
  • System-building structures for kiln cars
  • Load support components for furnace construction and mechanical engineering

Our HalSiC(R)-I material is used for products up to 1,350°C (2,462°F) and HalSiC(R)-R temperatures up to 1,600°C. (2,912°F). We also offer our HalSiC(R)-N material which is suitable for temperatures up to 1,500°C (2,732°F) and is a good choice if you need high strength and good oxidation resistance. Components made from HalSiC(R)-N reduce the weight in your kiln and increase energy and cost savings (due to reduced maintenance).

Rollers and Tubes

Our range of rollers have a high load bearing capacity making them a good choice for use in roller kilns for the production of heavy clayware and sanitary fixtures. Our HalSiC(R)-I material is used for rollers up to a temperature of 1,350°C (2,462°F) and our HalSiC(R)-R is used for temperatures up to 1,600°C (2,912°F).

Made from our impervious HalSiC(R)-I and porous HalSiC(R)-R/HalSiC(R)-RX materials, our range of tubes are available with closed ends and in a variety of bore holes, making them suitable for use as thermocouple protection sheaths (thermocouple protection tubes) or radiant heater tubes.

We also have a specialist range of thermocouple tubes made from our HalSiC(R)-N material used specifically for metal melting applications such as aluminium or magnesium due to its metal repelling surface characteristics.

Batts and Plate Setters

We manufacture a range of batts in dimensions over 3cm2 with thicknesses of between 5 and 8mm (0.2-0.3 inches). These are made from our HalSiC(R)-R and HalSiC(R)-RX materials as they are completely free from grain fall and can be coated on one or both sides.

Our range of HalSiC(R)-R and HalSiC(R)-RX plate setters and setting rings can be made to customer specification and are increasingly being used within porcelain production.

We can supply a wide range of setter plates in our HalSiC(R)-N material.

Custom Kiln Components

Contact us for a custom designed part for your kiln. HalSiC(R) can be used up to 1,500°C (2,732°F) and benefits from the ability to handle fast firing cycles, and low weight which reduces thermal mass and uses less fuel. This results in a cost saving to you.

Our team of technical engineers work closely with our customers to select the right material and right product for your kiln so contact us today to find out more.

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