From exploration to upstream processing Oil and Gas providers are faced with increasing challenges for resilient, wear resistant materials and solutions to manage projects within harsh environments. Customers within these industries are looking for greater durability and more robust options to replace traditional materials.

Having worked with customers in the Petrochemical Industry for over four decades we are ideally placed to help you realise the potential for ceramic products and materials in your applications.

Our engineers design and implement ceramic solutions which offer significant advantages over traditional materials. Our Deranox 975 alumina and Nilcra(R) Zirconia for example are resistant to mechanical and chemical corrosion. Our Nilcra(R) Zirconia improves product life by up to 10 times compared to traditional materials.

Our high performing materials including zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide and magnesium oxide and alumina are chosen to meet specific needs in niche applications across the petrochemical sector including:

At practically every stage of the production cycle our products outperform traditional solutions. Valve components, hydrocyclones and linings are all used to improve reliability in upstream processes.

Our materials, coupled with our outstanding capability for manufacturing of complex components, help our customers to extend the life of their equipment and reduce downtime even in the most demanding petrochemical applications.

Our technical specialists and design engineers will work with you to develop solutions that meet your specific requirements. This is how we have consistently delivered innovation in the Petrochemical Industry, helping our customers to reduce costs and improve the performance of their products.

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