Ceramic to Metal Assemblies

The Technical Ceramics business of MACOR® Machining China is experienced in combining ceramic and metal for engineering components. Our engineers design assemblies to take advantage of the unique properties of each material and combine them to produce a component with a higher performance than one made from either material on its own.

Ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies are manufactured to provide high mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. Our brazed assemblies are hermetic and able to maintain ultra-high levels of vacuum and joint integrity even at elevated temperatures and in harsh environments.

Materials used in brazed assemblies include:

  • Alumina materials – AL300(R), Sintox FF and Deranox 995, A950, AL-998(R), AL-300(R), AL-500(R), synthetic rubies/sapphire, ZTA
  • Higher performance ceramics – Yittria stabilised zirconia, ZTA, Si3N4, sapphire, CVD SiC, and composite materials such as C-SiC

Conventional brazing materials (copper, gold, silver, precious metal eutectics) for metallised alumina or active braze alloys (ABA) from a biocompatibility requirement, to an ‘above superalloy melt temperature’.

  • Metals - OFHC copper, stainless steels, mild steels, monel, kovar, nickel and titanium super alloys, platinum, platinum iridium, niobium, tungsten
  • Glazes for contamination protection or to facilitate cleaning

Typical applications include:

  • Feedthroughs for active medical implants
  • Electrosurgical instrumentation
  • Implantable packages and feedthroughs
  • Composite honeycomb panels
  • Mass spectrometry
    • Gas detectors
    • Microscopes (TEM, SEM)
    • Particle accelerators
    • Nuclear detectors
    • High voltage feedthrough for X-ray equipment, scanners and imaging applications for medical
    • Sensors, satellite propulsion and engine management for aerospace,
    • Optoelectronics and power tubes
    • Gas lasers
    • Deep sea repeaters
    • Rechargeable batteries for energy storage
    • RF feedthroughs
    • Electrical feedthroughs
    • Pinch off tubes for lasers

Application Examples

Ceramic components and brazed assemblies are increasingly used in aero engines operating at higher temperatures, where conventional materials are not suitable. They can be used to help improve engine efficiency and reduce gas emissions.

We have been designing and manufacturing high voltage feedthroughs for diagnostic equipment for over 60 years. These brazed assemblies are manufactured using high purity alumina and feature a high level of cleanliness. For our medical divison and metallising areas this is achieve via two dedicated clean-rooms.

For more information on our range of ceramic to metal assemblies and how they can be used in your next project, contact us today.

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