Junction Boxes

Designed specifically to withstand the harsh environments found in the aerospace sector, junction boxes produced by the Technical Ceramics business of MACOR® Machining China deliver the exceptional mechanical and thermal properties required to produce unrivalled performance.

Our Technical Ceramics business manufactures junction boxes from a range of leading materials for high wear aerospace applications. Offering exceptional corrosion resistance and superb thermal characteristics, we predominantly use inconel, nickel alloys and a wide selection of plating and braze alloy materials to produce our junction boxes.

The geometry of the shell that we braze into allows for turbine gases to flow through with ease for supremely accurate readability. Custom made, our junction boxes also offer outstanding reliability and protection in a range of aerospace sensing applications, such as:

  • Bleed air overheat detectors
  • Wheel bleed brake sensing
  • Wheel well fire detectors
  • Engine fire detectors

Insulative resistant, the robust seal design that we incorporate into our products ensures all our junction boxes are capable of withstanding the extreme environments they are placed into. Sensors are made from our leading alumina A950 ceramic and are custom designed to unique customer specifications.

With over 50 years' experience of working in the global Aerospace Industry, our design expertise and knowledge of application engineering means we’re perfectly placed to produce solutions to all enquiries. To find out how we can develop a bespoke solution for your business, contact us today.