Morgan's Healthcare Solutions

MACOR is proud to be part of the supply chain fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. We supply OEMs globally with technical ceramics and brazed ceramic-metal assemblies used as high voltage insulators in X-Ray generators used as critical components in CT Scanners to support patient diagnostics.

Our braze alloys are used in nebulisers for aerosolising medicines for introduction through ventilators, which administer medication to the lungs. Whilst our ceramics are suited for use in ventilator valves, specifically due to their sterile and structural characteristics.

MACOR also supplies superior technical ceramics used as anti-microbial resistant structural components, chemically resistant components, and electrical isolators for medical and analytical instruments utililised in diagnostic equipment like mass spectrometers and blood analysis equipment used in the healthcare market. MACOR stands ready to support the development of new components and applications to support the healthcare market.